Coronavirus Info

Please note we are closed until 12th April

We’ve used this time to review and update our services and in order to protect you and our team we have put in the following changes:

Our team will wear appropriate PPE according to what they are doing and will do their best to keep everyone 2m apart where possible. We will carry out a “wellness check” on all our staff at the beginning of each day. This includes taking and recording their temperatures. We will do the same check for clients on their arrival, so we are all confident we are doing our best to keep everyone safe whilst in our care. If there is any chance of infection, we will ask that person to return home.

If either a member of staff or client has been in the salon and shows Coronavirus symptoms, we will have to shut the salon for 2 weeks whilst we all self-isolate. Obviously, this is something we are very keen to avoid so will also be taking the following precautions:

On arrival

We ask that you wait outside where our receptionist will check your temperature and ask a few questions. We will give you a mask, gloves and disposable gown. Your assistant will take you to the basins and will use a face shield whilst shampooing. Your stylist will be wearing mask, gloves and protective apron.


Each stylist will take only 1 client at a time


We have had to combine our yearly pricing review with the increased costs of PPE and limited appointments.

Cleaning and disinfection

We have taken our normal cleanliness to a higher level, with improved sterilisation and a new daily cleaning protocol.

Thank you!

We would like to thank our clients for their patience during this lock-down. We are also incredibly grateful for the government’s support and furlough scheme, which has enabled our staff to stay safely at home and the salon to re-open.